Our Athletes

We are proud to work with the following athletes, helping them stay pain-free as they pursue their dreams.


Seth Harris

My name is Seth Harris. I am 19 years old and was born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

I have been playing hockey as far back as I can remember. My passion and love of this sport has continued to grow as I have developed my skills. In my final year of school, I was announced the 1st Team Captain of my hockey team. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, our hockey season was called off. This disappointment, however, did not stop me or my dreams to pursue my career in hockey. I continued to train and practice, and when Covid-19 sporting restrictions were lifted, I continued my journey by playing club hockey at Kearsney men's hockey club.

Excitingly, I will be travelling to the Netherlands to make my dream of playing professional hockey a reality whilst studying Sports Science.


Christy Gilmour

My name is Christy Ann Gilmour. I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Durban, South Africa.

Hobbies: I enjoy surfing and being very active. I love the outdoors and love to adventure wherever and whenever I can. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and doing things that I wouldn’t often do. I also love sharing my passion for sport and an active lifestyle through my coaching and love sharing the stoke.

Achievements: I have represented SA as well as KZN in Longboard Surfing. I have represented KZN in shortboard surfing, outdoor and indoor hockey and have recently been selected for the KZN Lifesaving team.

Jobs: I am currently working for an online surf company called Pollywog. I also run my own surf school and teach people to surf, I also coach people to play Waterpolo. I shape surfboards called “CC Surfboards.” I am involved at Durban Surf Lifesaving Club, coaching the nippers and lending a hand where I can as well as I run their socials.

Plan for the future: I will continue to work with Pollywog and hopefully save up some money to get some courses done and potentially go overseas and work with a company over there.  


Jenna Nisbet

My name is Jenna Nisbet and I am 29 years old. I was born in Durban and have lived here ever since.

I am currently working as a Grade 5 teacher at Virginia Preparatory School, after studying through Varsity College. I have been paddling since the age of 10 and have represented my country for the past 14 years across 3 disciplines, namely sprinting, ocean racing and marathons. I have 5 international medals, 1st u23 world surf ski champ 2015, x2 3rd place in the u23 k1 world canoe marathon 2014 and 2015, 2nd and 3rd senior women k2 world canoe marathon 2016 and 2021.

My plans for the future are to continue racing competitively, for as long as I can and to hopefully start a family in between. Other then paddling I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and travelling the world and our beautiful country.


Nick Kingston

I am Nick Kingston. I have recently just turned 20 years old and have been living in Port Elizabeth my whole life.

I am a lifesaver and fell in love with the sport when I first started it back when I was 12 years old.

I have had many ups and downs in my career but nothing has kept me away from the sport I love. I was first selected for the National side back in 2019 where I took part in the International Surf Rescue Challenge in Durban. Unfortunately in 2020 my dream of going to worlds could not come true thanks to our best friend Corona.

I was lucky enough to compete at Africa champs in Egypt which took place at the start of the year which was such an amazing experience. I am still fighting and working towards reaching my goal and will hopefully make the national side again in the future to complete against the best in the world.


Chad Du Toit

Hi I’m Chad du Toit. Former SA Champ, Sa Schools captain winner, springbok surfer, pro surfer and sportsman of the year at DHS.

Currently own the High Performance Surf Academy and head coach where you can find me most afternoons helping create the champions of the next generation, in surfing. Over the years I have been extremely active in all sports such as water polo, running, swimming, boxing, yoga and now a blue belt one stripe in Brazilian jiu jitsu .

Other hobbies I’m known for is Djiing at most Durban Hotspots and have a residency at Billy’s Beach in St Francis.

I've been in the top 10 of South African surf scene over the years with some top 3 finishes as well as a 9th at Nias Pro before Covid.

When the swell is on from Durban to Jbay you can find me trying to get the best and biggest waves possible.

I feel very fortunate to be an ambassador of a quality brand like EZ.Massager with my active lifestyle from surfing to Jiu-Jitsu and all round fitness. Great product for great recovery and a great brand.


Ronnel Donnelly

My name is Ronnel Donnelly. I am 18 years old and was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. My biggest passion in life is soccer and my dream is to play soccer for a professional team and travel the world!

My achievements so far: Received 5 caps for playing in the U17 National soccer team.

I received the highest award (Cum Laude) in Kloof High School (my school) for soccer. I represented the KZN soccer team 5 years in a row and made the KZN netball team 2 years in a row. I Traveled to Treverton and won the best defending player for netball. I was selected to tour Dubai for netball but couldn’t attend due to a call up to the U20 South African National soccer team. In high school i was a prefect at Kloof High. In July 2021 i was awarded prefect of the month.

I Played in the Sasol team 1st division SAFA league. Represented South Africa in the Copa Coca Cola Global Cup. Represented our province at the National Champ of Champs Engen tournament finishing off 2nd place and I was awarded top goal scorer of the tournament, striker of the tournament and player of the tournament. Scored 105 goals with numerous assists in 22 matches in the Regional Women's League. Travelled to Mozambique with the U20 South African Soccer team and played against them. Awarded player of the year and top goal scorer for school. Awarded player of the year, most valuable player and top goal scorer for my club.

I have received numerous scholarships all over South Africa but unfortunately declined all offers because I have bigger dreams to study elsewhere and that’s the reason I’ll be leaving to study overseas in the next few months.